Friday, December 19, 2014
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About Us
The Source Northwest Ohio is Committed To:
  • Quality-Driven Services: The system's services and resources provided to the business and job seeker customer will be delivered in a professional manner and at the highest quality.
  • Meeting Business Needs: The system will work in collaboration with businesses to assess current and future workforce needs. Based on the assessed needs, utilize the various resources to develop and enhance the skills of individuals to meet those workforce needs.
  • Meeting Job Seekers Needs: The system will provide an array of services and resources to meet the individual needs of a diverse group of job seekers.
  • Diversity: The system will strive to reach out and serve all population groups by providing high-quality services and access to valuable services.
  • Accessibility: The facilities and programs will be accessible and inviting to individuals with disabilities.
  • Respect to the Internal and External Customer: The system will treat individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Collaboration of Community Resources: The system will bring together valuable resources and services that will assist to meeting the needs of both business and job seekers.
  • Economic Development: The system will coordinate with various regional economic development organizations to retain and expand current businesses while also attracting new business by providing a skilled and motivated workforce.
  • Innovative Leadership: The systems' leaders will collaborate to provide creative solutions to the challenging needs of both business and job seekers.
  • Seamless System of Workforce Development: The system partners will unite to meet the unique needs of both business and job seekers.
  • Life Long and Continuous Learning: The system will promote that the local workforce enhance current skills, and /or develop new skills that make them competitive now and in the future.
  • Technology to Enhance Efficiency: The system will utilize a variety of technology "tools" to serve both job seekers and businesses.
  • Outcome Driven: The system will focus on achieving a variety of outcomes based on local need as well as state and federal guidelines.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The system will always focus on how to meet the needs of both job seekers and employer/businesses. A variety of customer satisfaction surveys of both job seekers and business will examine the satisfactions with services and resources.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: The system will utilize CQI throughout the system to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency. Based on that information, the system will coordinate to explore techniques to enhance service delivery.

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