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Human Resource Services

Quality Workers Without the Stress Or the Expense!

Finding the right workers is never easy.  Whether yours is a family run business, a high-tech startup or an established Fortune 500 star your challenges are the same.  

The cost of placing advertisements in newspapers and posting them online through corporate websites or national job boards can escalate quickly with limited results.  Each position advertised will generate more unqualified applicants than qualified ones and sifting through the piles of resumes can be daunting.  

Once the qualified job seekers are identified, contacting them for interviews, scheduling testing sessions and meeting with individuals takes a great deal of time and energy on the part of human resource professionals.  

The Source can take some of the stress (and the cost) out of the process for businesses.

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Jobs listed through The Source are posted to — the statewide job database — and appear on the Internet for job seekers to see. The posting will show as much or as little information as necessary, fully at the discretion of the employer. 

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Our team will match workers to the job and notify them of the opportunity.

Our trained staff will review the applicants' information to assure their skills, education and experience fit the company's needs. Interested applicants are given instructions on how to submit their resume only after they are determined to be qualified.

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For large groups of applicants, The Source has rooms available that will allow a number of people to fill out their paperwork in one sitting. The Source can help by reserving rooms where job seekers can fill out applications, cutting down on traffic at the business.

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Employers can reserve space at The Source to conduct interviews with potential workers away from the company offices. In addition, staff at The Source can help employers by contacting the selected applicants and scheduling the interviews on their behalf.

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Staff at The Source can help employers define their needs and create an accurate job description for the position. Also, using up-to-date labor market information, The Source can help by providing salary guidelines for these jobs to ensure that proposed wages are in line with state and local averages.

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