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Training FAQ
Interested in learning more about worker training programs through The Source?

Read through our list of Frequently Asked Questions and contact us if you can't find your answer.

What kind of training is covered? Minimize
There are three basic training types:
  1. On-the-Job Training (OJT)
  2. Customized Training (CT) and 
  3. Incumbent Worker Training (IWT).  

Briefly, OJT is designed to help companies that hire workers lacking certain key skills to bring those workers up to speed at the company and to ensure the new employee knows how to do the job.  

CT is intended to help companies train groups of workers in new skills that will make the company be more competitive.  Unlike OJT where the worker is trained by internal staff, CT often involves hiring an outside training provider that brings expertise in the training area.  

IWT is specialized training targeting existing workers in an effort to prevent job losses.  Frequently, IWT is structured much like CT but may also include elements of OJT as well.

What will the program pay for? Minimize

With CT and IWT, funds are provided for instructor or trainer salaries and fees, tuition, curriculum development, textbooks, manuals, supplies directly related to and necessary for the training program and cost of certification and licensure.  OJT reimbursements are limited to half of the wages paid to the worker during the training period.

How will my company be reimbursed? Minimize
The Lucas County Workforce Development Agency (LCWDA) will reimburse approved training costs after the costs have been incurred and invoiced. No advances will be made and a comprehensive training plan must be approved prior to the start of the training.

How is the program funded? Minimize
The program is funded under the federal Workforce Investment Act and is governed by the requirements of the act and federal regulations.  Naturally, all training is subject to available funds however once a training program is approved the funds are earmarked and obligated toward that program.

What is an incumbent worker? Minimize
An incumbent worker is an individual already employed by a qualifying employer.

What is the benefit of incumbent worker training? Minimize
Incumbent Worker Training increases employee productivity and growth of a company. The training is expected to lead to the creation of new jobs, retention of jobs, increased wages for better trained workers, a higher skilled workforce and a more profitable business climate.

How will it help my employees? Minimize
IWT enhances an employees’ current skills, provides skill sets for future jobs, introduces skills for new technologies and new production or service procedures, upgrades employees to new jobs that require additional skills and eliminates skills gaps.

How do I find out if my company qualifies? Minimize
Contact the Workforce Development Agency at The Source by calling 419-213-5627 (JOBS) and ask for information about the Incumbent Worker Training Program.  You can also contact us by email.

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