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Workshops and Forums

Step 3: Workshops & Forums

OhioMeansJobs Lucas County is here to help you research and find good jobs. In addition, we offer valuable workshops and forums that can give you the extra knowledge you need to land that perfect job.

Whether you are looking for your first job or need to find a new job, OhioMeansJobs Lucas County offers a wide range of topics and themes. Click here to view the full calendar.

SOURCE ORIENTATION: This orientation will provide you with the opportunity to learn of the variety of services that OhioMeansJobs Lucas County offers.

CAREER EXPLORATION: Computerized assessments that will help you identify your skills and how they can be applied to various careers.  This assessment will also help you to identify the types of careers for which you may be best suited.  

COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Looking for information on clothing, food, shelter, and other basic needs? Please join us for our Community Resources Seminar being held every other week.

INTERVIEWING SEMINAR: Getting interviews but not the job? Are you interview ready? If not, this interactive workshop is for you! Learn how to answer those hard questions with confidence. Discuss, share and practice interviewing skills that work. Discover today’s new interviewing technology. Empower yourself to get that next job!

HOT JOBS/NETWORKING: Review the most current employment opportunities. Also, answer questions about job searching.
In this course we will also discuss different ways to Network with friends, family, and other acquaintances to get you the job!  

OPEN COMPUTER LAB (w/ Staff Assistance):  Computer lab available for clients to update their skills through Teknimedia, Typing, KeyTrain, or schoolwork. This is also an opportunity for you to get staff assistance to help you with an online application, registering for an email, and registering for Look on seminar schedule for open times - computer lab not available when needed for other events. 

OVERCOME THE STIGMA(for the long-term unemployed): The recent increase in long term unemployment  has caused some concern and confusion for job seekers who are unable to find employment and/or are unable to meet minimum requirements of the opportunity. This seminar will suggest some ways to assist you in reaching your vocational goals. 

ORIENTATION TO KEYTRAIN:  An orientation on the usage of KeyTrain and how it can help you to develop skills that will be beneficial to your job search. 

ORIENTATION TO TEKNIMEDIA:  An orientation on the usage of Teknimedia and its interactive approach to learning basic computer skills.

RESUME WRITING /COVER LETTER:  Employers are very selective these days and one mistake on a resume could mean your resume will end up at the bottom of the pile. This seminar will give you detailed information on how to write a professional looking resume.  We will also briefly discuss the development and importance of a cover letter.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Social Media Job Search Workshop requires a pre-registration in order to fill all 15 open slots each month.  This course will be a hands on opportunity with assistance to complete your profile and learn job search techniques using the top 3 social media sites-- Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  This workshop also requires basic computer knowledge in order to fully benefit from the objectives.  Registration form will be available at the Resource Room front desk starting this afternoon.

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